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Visual Communication

"Turning pixels into poetry, I groove with graphics, dance with design, and jam with motion -  in the realm of visual communication, I'm not just creating, I'm orchestrating a funky visual symphony.

Describe the city you live in.png

Describe the city you

live in

Pages designed for RISD graduation thesis "Describe the city you live in". The whole newspaper is a city-walk and gentrification project related to Shenzhen and Providence.

Print Company: Newspaper club



Visual identity design for art organization "Yejun野菌", a student-running art event community. Responsible for social media posts and posters.

Unlimited Forest


Present & Progress-1.png

Present & Progress

Immersive Poster

Present & Progress.png

Shape of conversation

RISO Print/Zine


Art • Interactive Installation

I employ a multifaceted approach that seamlessly melds physical and virtual media, deftly navigating the ever-changing technological landscape. Fueled by a fascination with the industrial world, I have developed an obsessive preoccupation with factories and the myriad forms of metallic detritus they produce. In my current work, I deftly navigate the space between stasis and motion, skillfully harnessing the power of both to produce mesmerizing art.


Describe the city you live in

Video Installation

DM_Jingfei Hu_04.jpg


Video Installation

DM_Jingfei Hu_06.jpg


Interactive Installation


Reflection of Cooperation

Interactive Installation

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