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Video installation 
(Acrylic, two-way film, projectors, Step Motors, Projectors)
15 x 15 x 8 feet


“I look for disturbance-based ecologies in which many species sometimes live together without either harmony or conquest.” (Tsing 2021)

I gradually tested out my ecologies in shapes and light. My shapes are my words and light is my new ecology. “Mixing blue and yellow light yields white light, but the light reflected from a mixture of blue and yellow pigments is green. In additive mixing the reflectances add; in subtractive mixing the absorbances add.”(David Hubel, 2014) Instead of using the words to describe my tangled feelings, I extracted different color channels and recombined them together. The two way mirror and polarizing film I applied to the shapes reflected lights on different surfaces, creating a space with touchable feelings.

The name of this work, “Plumcot”, is inspired by the fact that hybridization is not simply combining two species together. I see myself not living in the present or living in progress, I live in the tension in between. It comes with anxiety and fear, but also the chance to grow my new branch. Like Plumcot, like Matsutake.

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